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Our Eviction Help page can help you find information about your rights, next steps, and where to get help.

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Delaware Legal Help Link is provided as a free public service by Delaware’s nonprofit civil legal aid providers and other justice community partners. It is designed to help people with civil legal problems in Delaware find the best help for your situation.

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Yes. We will not ask for your name or any information that will identify who you are.

Do you need help paying your rent?

The Delaware Housing Assistance Program (DEHAP) may be able to provide financial assistance for past, current, and future due rent. Call (866) 935-0407 or visit to apply and see if you qualify. 

Legal Self Help Resources

Visit the Legal Services Corporation of Delaware website to find:

Delaware Legal Help Link does not provide referrals for criminal or personal injury matters, or for traffic tickets.

Visit the Delaware Office of Defender Services website for information on crimal matters or consult a private attorney for other assistance. If you need assistance finding a private attorney, please contact the DSBA Lawyer Referral Service.

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To protect clients & staff during the current health crises, these organizations are only doing intakes over the phone.
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