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Are you facing the possibility of an eviction?

This page has been designed to help you know what to do next if you...

  • are struggling to pay your rent.
  • have received court papers.
  • have an upcoming court date.
  • are looking for legal help.

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Are you having trouble paying your bills?

Delaware Housing Assistance Program can help you pay your rent, back rent, and utility bills, if you qualify.

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Have you received a late rent letter?

If you have received a late rent letter, also known as a 5-day letter, you have 5 business days to pay in full, or the landlord can file for possession (ask the court to evict you).

If you pay in full before the 5-day period, you cannot be evicted for late or nonpayment.

If you pay after the 5-day period, and the landlord gives you a written "reservation of rights," they may be able to sue you for possession.

What is a reservation of rights?

A reservation of rights can be a simple statement that the landlord accepts payment while also reserving its rights under the landlord tenant code.

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Learn about your tenant rights in this Guide to Evictions from Legal Services Corporation of Delaware, Inc.

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Have you received a Summary Possession?

Do not abandon the property. The "summary possession" letter you have just received is not asking you to leave your home right now. You still have a chance of keeping your housing.

Participate in your mediation. Your letter will detail an online or in-person mediation where you may be able to reach an agreement that allows you to stay in your home, such as a payment plan. DEHAP may be able to provide you with financial assistance to do this.

Get help. Whether you need financial help paying your rent or legal advice, there are services available to qualifying low-income Delawareans. We are here for you, let us help you today.

Your landlord can never...

It is against the law for your landlord to

  • Change the locks without getting a court judgment against you first.
  • Turn off the electricity, gas, or water.
  • Take any of your property.
  • Threaten to hurt you or anyone else if you don’t pay.

Get help with rent

The Delaware Housing Assistance Program (DEHAP may be able to provide financial assistance for past, current, and future due rent. Call (866) 935-0407 or visit to apply and see if you qualify. 

Need a later court date?

If you recently applied for help paying your rent, you can use this form to ask the court to reschedule.

Get free legal help

For help with government/subsidized housing call:

Community Legal Aid Society
New Castle County: (302) 575-0660 
Kent County: (302) 674-8500 
Sussex County: (302) 856-0038

For help with private/unsubsidized housing, call:

Legal Services Corporation of Delaware, Inc.
New Castle County: (302) 575-0408 
Kent/Sussex County: (302) 734-8820 

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